Keeping an eye on us through the ‘Stans...

August 7, 2018


So we are almost a month deep into the rally and nearing our half way mark. Tonight will be our last night in Turkey and if everything goes smoothly, we will be crossing into Iran tomorrow.

We hope that you all have been enjoying the photos and FB/Insta stories we’ve have been sharing so far, but unfortunately crossing into Iran tomorrow means that this will be the last night that our European SIM cards work and that our internet connection and updates may be a bit more sparse from this point forward.

Never fear though, for the guys at have sorted us out with a GPS tracker that can keep everyone back home in touch with where we are. All you have to do is follow the link below, and it will take you to their site which is keeping tabs on us. Don’t mind the blue checkpoints, (they are a little off and we aren’t really following our route plan too religiously anyway), but if you click the Dusty Kiwis flag, there is a button that shows you the last week or so of our journey. This will continue to be updated as we move through terrain that would otherwise have no cellphone reception or villages with wifi. 

Oh, and don’t worry Mums, there is an SOS button on it that we can press if we get stuck up in what used to be the Aral Sea without a paddle... 

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Keeping an eye on us through the ‘Stans...

August 7, 2018

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