Day 1 of pre-rally surgery complete...

July 8, 2018

Today was a big day for The Dusty Kiwis - our wee baby had her first day going under the knife for her pre-rally surgery!


After racing through the British countryside to the workshop, we got the Micra up on the hoist for the first proper inspection underneath. Overall, she wasn't looking too bad for a 27 year-old car. There was a bit of surface rust around the rear wheels and on the axle, but a wire brush and a fresh coat of paint soon sorted that. The bearings and brake-shoes inside the rear drums had recently been replaced, so they didn't need to be touched. The most concerning part was the state of the brakelines. Being quite thin and considerably rusty, means that if either gets snapped then we could be in for some much more serious repairs along the road. We don't have the time to do it now, so we're sending out prayers for a smooth journey instead.

Ralph and Chris quickly got busy measuring up the dimensions for the sump-guard and began cutting up the sheet metal. An hour or two later, and after a bit of drilling, grinding and welding, the Micra had a hearty chest plate that even the strongest boulders would consider a formidable adversary. 

More work needs to be done over the next few days, but with day one complete, one of the major jobs has been completed. Next up, building the roof rack, installing enough charging points to rival Tokyo CBD, and making sure the stereo is all wired up to pump out the bangers...


For all of the images from today and all uploads in the future, head to the Photo Gallery page now live on our website: 





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