Check out the new whip...

June 8, 2018

Oooooh snap! With just over a month before the start of the rally, this sexy show-stopper has just rolled in to the room! That’s right folks, The Dusty Kiwis now have a beautiful steed! *sigh of relief* 😅 

Featuring 4 wheels, a gear stick, and a speedy red paint job to make up for what she lacks under the hood, this ‘91 Nissan Micra is all ours!
Wth her 1-litre engine, she epitomises automotive luxury, unwavering endurance and state-of-the-art adventure racing technology!
So all she needs now is a name... any suggestions? 🤔🚘

#hotstuff #sexonwheels #nissanmicra #mongolrally #mongolrally2018 #thedustykiwis2018




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