The final Dusty Kiwi, introducing Woody...

May 9, 2018

Driver #4: Woody Bradley 

Age: 25

Hometown: Stratford


Driving style: Similar to your nana when she’s running late to her Sunday bowls game with the gals. 


Little known fact: Woody’s colour-blind. He promised us this wouldn’t be an issue when it came to traffic lights…


Perfect date night: Anything that he could get a free meal out of. (So technically this would still include funerals, soup kitchens and receiving candy out of the back of a strange van?)


Embarrassing moment: When Woody was in his prime, he decided to channel some 90s Justin Timberlake and put blonde tips in his hair. Yep, that happened.


Favourite drink: If it’s alcoholic, it’s a Panhead Supercharger. If not, then water is mighty tasty.


Afraid of: Dylan making me do any public speaking for this trip.


Moment of glory: Beating Steve Goodwin in a game of beer pong. 


#meettheteam #mongolrally #mongolrally2018 #thedustykiwis2018



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