The one who started it all, introducing Ralph...

May 7, 2018

Driver #3: Ralph Gallyer

Age: 25

Hometown: Stratford 


Driving style: A combination style of Ricky Bobby at both his best and at his worst in the movie Talladega Nights.


Little known fact: When Ralph was a toddler, he used to believe that he was a dog. He bit a hole in his sisters dress and chased the Plunket lady down the driveway on all fours.


Perfect date night: Ralph’s perfect date consists of a moonlit drive up the great Iroha-Zaka mountain pass of Japan. At the top, the saucy minx in the passenger’s seat will say, "nice driving out there,” to which he would reply with, "you weren't too bad yourself.” They’d then sip saké late into the night.


Embarrassing moment: One day, when he was 14, Ralph was feeling pretty cool while riding his BMX bike down the main street of Stratford, when suddenly the jersey that was wrapped around the handle bars slipped and got caught in the front wheel, causing him to flip forward and face-plant on the pavement.


Favourite drink: Chocolate milk.


Biggest fear: Loosing or breaking his phone. 


Moment of glory: Every birthday since turning the ripe age of 18 has consisted of moments of glory. That’s right, he’s the instigator.


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