Number 2, introducing Dylan...

May 6, 2018

Driver #2: Dylan O’Neill

Age: 25

Hometown: Stratford, New Zealand


Driving style: Just like how Short Round drives in the Shanghai car chase scene of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, except he doesn’t need blocks of wood to reach the pedals.

Little-known fact: He was once admitted to A&E for choking on a fish bone stuck in his throat. Luckily, he was young enough to not remember, but still has the bone in a glass jar somewhere at home till this day.


Perfect date night: Being taken to an all-you-can eat Italian restaurant and eating so much that being escorted out in a wheelbarrow would be the only way to get home. 


Embarrassing moment: In a high school assembly speech shared with another student, he got the lines mixed up and started the speech off with “Hi, I’m Jess.”


Favourite drink: Tequila. Fun fact, it’s a probiotic, so you’re really doing yourself a favour.


Afraid of: Being asked to do anything mechanical on the rally car.


Moment of glory: Getting an entire bar to sing along to “Circle of Life” from the Lion King soundtrack on karaoke night. That’s right, you wish you were there.


#meettheteam #mongolrally #mongolrally2018 #thedustykiwis2018 


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